4 reasons to consider British Red Cross Training as your blended paediatric first aid provider

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Alice Squires
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22 Nov 2022
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As a childcare provider, you want to make the best decisions for the children in your care (and your staff) with the right paediatric first aid training skills and knowledge.

Not only do you need to comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework requirements, you also need to ensure the children in your care are treated appropriately in the case of injury or illness.

We understand how difficult finding the time to devote entirely to in-person training can be for businesses—which is why we offer a blended learning course.


What is a blended learning course?

Blended learning consists of in-person and online learning. Typically, these are half online, half in person, but can vary between courses.

The benefits of blended learning courses is that they give you and your team flexibility. By putting you in control of the pace, you can learn in your own time, and go through the course contents at a speed that works best for you.

When you are with an instructor, you’ll be able to ask questions in real-time and gain valuable advice.

So you know what a blended course is, but who do you choose to learn through?

If you’ve been searching for a blended paediatric first aid training provider, we’ve outlined four reasons why British Red Cross Training may just be the best option for you.


1. We’ve been around a while

We’re one of the UK’s leading paediatric first aid training providers, with 30 years’ experience delivering training courses to childcare providers. In that time, we’ve helped nurseries, childminders, nannies, and other childcare providers with EYFS-compliant training, ensuring they know how to keep children safe in case of an emergency.

Due to our experience, we’ve recognised that different childcare settings have different needs. Because of this, our blended Paediatric first aid training course can be taught in a variety of ways to best suit your unique requirements - with the amount of in-person and digital training available to change.


2. We have the knowledge and expertise

The British Red Cross is recognised as a standard-setter for first aid at work by the HSE, and helped to co-author The First aid Manual, which the Health and Safety (First aid) Regulations recognises as a preferred source of first aid information.

Because of this, we work hard to ensure that our trainers don’t just know how to teach paediatric first aid, but ensure the information and advice we give is accurate and standardised.

We regularly work with our global teams, which includes clinical and educational specialists, to make sure everything we teach online and in-person is founded upon the most-up-to-date research and first aid advice.

Our courses aren’t all about first aid skills, though. We want to ensure the way we train gives people confidence, and willingness, to help in a first aid emergency.

After all, it isn’t always easy to recall information in a stressful situation.

So, we designed a highly effective method for learning first aid skills and administering them in real-life emergency situations, by:

  • Placing focus on the key actions that need to be remembered.
  • Delivering contextualised training using scenarios and examples that our learners can relate to, based on their industry and environment.
  • Using engaging, interactive, and learner-centred methodologies, helping us to teach in a way that suits each individual learner on our course. This is because not everybody learns effectively in the same way, so our skilled trainers work closely with each person to make sure the methods used are effective.


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3. Online and classroom training blends seamlessly

British Red Cross Training is one of few first aid training providers in the UK that offer a blended paediatric first aid course.

We understand the importance of continuity between our face-to-face training elements and our online learning platform. So, each aspect complements one another to leave childcare providers feeling confident to act in the case of a first aid emergency. In the fortnight prior to in-person training, each candidate is sent a link to the online components of the qualification.

A blended course is an alternate option for those that find they absorb information better through both practical and written methods.


4. We’re committed to quality and standards

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognises us as standard setters for first aid at work. To ensure we’re providing the best support to childcare providers, we work closely with the Department for Education to support the continued development of first aid requirements for paediatric settings.

As the chosen first aid training provider for over 100,000 customers each year, we work hard to ensure our blended paediatric first aid training course meets and exceeds the needs of the EYFS statutory framework, so you and your team are always ready to act effectively in the event of an emergency and are fully prepared for an early years inspection.

If you choose to complete the paediatric first aid (PFA) certification in a fully classroom-based setting or as a flexible blended option, the qualification is exactly the same. Both fully face-to-face and blended learning are accepted by the EYFS framework, providing you with a flexible alternative to face-to-face learning if you identify the need for it.


Why choose British Red Cross Training?

At British Red Cross Training, we support the British Red Cross' mission to save lives and prevent and reduce suffering — increasing the wellbeing and resilience of people in both the UK and around the world.

To make sure we’re helping as many people as possible, surplus money from our training courses goes into the British Red Cross' Charity Fund. This is used to create the greatest possible impact for people in crisis – whoever and wherever they are.

If you think this blended approach would work best for you or your team, visit the Blended Paediatric First aid page and book your place today.


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