Our achievements as a training provider

Why Red Cross Training is a name you can trust when it comes to providing workplace first aid, mental health and health and safety training.

Why you should train with a name you can trust

Red Cross Training is one of the UK's leading first aid training providers, offering a range of first aid and mental health courses for the workplace. We have:

  • over 40 years’ experience of delivering first aid courses
  • the trusted brand used by thousands of UK customers.


Learning pad placement on a first aid course
Learning to use a sling on a first aid course

What we have achieved in 2023

Our achievements in 2023 include:

  • 98,025 total delegates trained
  • 16,357 total companies trained
  • 5,381 AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) sold
  • achieving a Trust Pilot score of 4.9excellent’.

Introduction to Mental health at work courses

British Red Cross have a global reputation and experience in providing mental health support to individuals in crisis. We felt strongly that this expertise should be utilised to enable more people to develop vital skills to better understand mental health and to enable them to support themselves and others.

Red Cross Training worked closely with the psychosocial and mental health teams to develop a range of Mental health at work courses that can develop these skills for the workplace.

The Wellbeing support at work course is now available online. All of the online courses are suitable to all learning styles and are interactive with discussions, activities scenarios and video presentations. The online Mental health at work courses support all learning styles and ensure the practical tools are easy to learn and easy to recall after the training.

What can someone expect to learn on a Mental health at work course?

The Mental health at work training has lots of practical tools to help utilise the skills learnt including:

  • Using the C.A.L.M.E.R approach; enabling learners to easily remember the steps to take when supporting someone.
  • Appreciative enquiry is used to look at how to deal with emotionally difficult situations.
  • Mindfulness helps to create space between a strong emotion and our action.
  • The Window of tolerance is used to become more aware of our reactions and emotions.
  • The 6Rs of Resilience can help prepare learners to bounce back from a challenging situation.