Building team resilience at work course

Building open communication, promoting a supportive environment, and equipping individuals with the skills to adapt, recover, and thrive in the face of challenges.

a resilient team who have positive attitude

Trainer Led Learning

3.5 Hours
Certificate of learning
  • Group bookings of 6-12 learners per course
  • Face to face or virtual course options
  • From £520 (excl VAT) per group

Online Learning

1.5 Hours
Certificate of learning
  • Individual or multiple learner bookings
  • £50 (excl VAT) per learner

What is a Building team resilience at work course?

The Building team resilience at work course is designed for leaders, managers and teams who want to develop their awareness of stress and build their resilience to reduce its impact.

This short course includes a range of helpful tools and strategies to help improve your team’s ability to withstand and recover from challenges including techniques for managing stress, fostering a positive mindset, improving self-care, developing effective communication skills, and problem-solving approaches.

With more people working remotely or from home, investing in Mental health at work training can help create a supportive and positive work environment, improve team collaboration, and ultimately increase overall productivity and wellbeing.


Why choose to train with us?

For more than 40 years, Red Cross Training has been providing training to businesses. With a focus on regulated training in the first aid industry and mental health training that was developed through real-world experience and expertise, we have established an excellent reputation, delivering valuable services and training to individuals and organisations throughout the UK.

This Building team resilience at work course utilises the same framework we use to train our own teams, who through their work, are routinely supporting individuals facing hugely diverse challenges and difficult situations. This versatile framework can be utilised to support the wellbeing of your employees or team members.

Did you know:

  • The Red Cross has a global reputation in providing both emotional and practical support during crises.
  • By learning with the British Red Cross, you'll benefit from the expertise of our teams in supporting people in emotionally challenging situations.
  • The course content is based on the globally recognised CALMER psychosocial framework.


What topics are included on the course?

The Building team resilience at work course focuses on skills that will help build resilience in the workplace. This type of training is shown to help teams to better communicate, improve empathy and collaborative thinking.

The introductory section of this course shares modules with our Wellbeing support at work course. This forms the foundations from which learners can build their skills in Building team resilience at work.

During the course learners will gain a deeper understanding of the following concepts and learn practical techniques to apply them in their daily lives.


1. Introduction to supporting others and yourself:

  • Understanding individual reactions to a difficult situation.
  • Understanding the impact of powerful emotions and ambiguous loss.
  • Recognising how the window of tolerance can help people thrive in everyday life.

2. Effective communication and active listening:

  • Understanding the importance of effective communication in providing support.
  • Developing tools to build rapport and trust.

3. Identifying and responding to others' needs:

  • Understanding different personalities, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Identifying the needs of others.
  • Developing effective responses, resources, and support strategies.

4. Stress awareness:

  • Understanding what stress is and how it can affect you.
  • Recognising your individual stress triggers.
  • Understanding different reactions to stress and how to recognise stress in the workplace.
  • Developing strategies and tools for coping with stress at work.
  • Using the British Red Cross CALMER framework to manage your own stress and support others experiencing stress.

5. Building team resilience in the workplace:

  • Recognising the impact of stress and challenges within a team.
  • Understanding the importance of personal resilience when helping yourself and others.
  • Understanding how team dynamics and workplace culture impacts resilience and wellbeing.
  • Developing strategies for managing stress and building team resilience.


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What are the course delivery options?

The Building team resilience at work training course is available to learners through three routes:

Online learning (1.5 hours):

  • Book for only £50 (excl VAT) per learner.

Learners access the Building team resilience at work course materials through our learning management system at their own convenience, making this the most versatile and flexible version of this course.

Learners cover the course modules independently, which can be beneficial if you have learners who may not be comfortable talking about mental health publicly. This online course is also a great choice for those that prefer to work through learning at their own pace and have time limitations.

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Face to face learning (3.5 hour):

  • From £695 + VAT for group bookings of 6-12 learners at your place of work.

This involves students attending a physical course either in one of our training venues or at your own premises. Classroom based courses allow learners to interact face-to-face with their trainer and peers, helping build relationships and trust within a team. It typically involves group discussions, and practical activities to make the course interactive and engaging for all learning styles.

Virtual learning (3.5 hour):

  • From £520 + VAT for group bookings of 6-12 learners.

Our virtual learning is a live online class, and includes all the interactive simulations, and discussions you would expect to find in classroom-based learning. Virtual learning offers a range of benefits, including increased flexibility, convenience, and accessibility for learners.

This style of learning is suitable for all, but is particularly useful if you have a team spread over a large geographical area.


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Learning and assessment

Assessment and certificate

This is not an assessed course. Learners will receive a certificate of learning after they have covered all the modules of the course and engaged in activities designed to help them develop the tools and resources they need to apply the skills in a real-life environment.

Entry Requirements

Suitable for all learners over the age of 16.

Mental health training can be emotionally challenging but our experienced trainers are skilled at helping individuals cope with any challenges that may arise during the training program. Some learners may experience unexpected emotions during the training as a result of past experiences. The course content is varied and may include relatable trauma or crisis experienced by some individuals.

If you, or your learners, have any concerns they wish to discuss prior to the course please get in touch with our team?



What is team resilience in the workplace?

Resilient teams have the ability to cope with, and adapt to, adversity, challenges, and stressors effectively. It involves developing and strengthening psychological, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary to bounce back (and even thrive) when faced with challenging situations.

While individual resilience is important, focusing on team resilience in the workplace acknowledges the collective nature of work. It allows for greater support, collaboration, and adaptability, leading to improved overall performance and wellbeing.

Our training is suitable for departments and line managers that may seek to boost resilience within their teams by giving individuals the skills they need.


What techniques or evidence base has this course been developed from?

Our mental health at work courses are developed from a combination of techniques and evidence-based practices from various fields such as psychology, neuroscience, and organisational behaviour.

The British Red Cross approach mental health at work training by utilising their globally recognised CALMER psychosocial framework which was adopted across all our services in 2008.

In addition, the evidence base supporting the effectiveness of resilience training courses comes from a combination of empirical studies, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews. These studies evaluate the impact of specific techniques used in resilience training on stress reduction, improved wellbeing, increased coping skills, and enhanced performance. The research literature in this field continues to expand, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness and benefits of resilience training.


Do you offer other mental health courses?

If the Building Team resilience at work course is not for you, we have other courses, ranging from 2 hours to 1 day, that may suit your Mental health at work training needs.