Safe Hands e-newsletter

Safe Hands is a free e-newsletter for anyone who has completed a Red Cross workplace first aid course, to keep you feeling skilled and confident so that you’re prepared to act in an emergency.

Why is Safe Hands e-newsletter unique?

By signing up you will receive a range of benefits which all help to keep your first aid skills fresh and confidence after your first aid course.

Who can sign up Safe Hands e-newsletter?

Anyone who completes one of our workplace first aid courses is entitled to free sign up.

What are the benefits of signing up?

On a monthly basis, you will receive regular information about:

  • first aid tips and advice
  • mental health tips and advice
  • quizzes to test your first aid knowledge
  • videos of key first aid techniques
  • legislation updates
  • first aid myths explained
  • real life first aid stories – highlighting where people have used their first aid skills to help save a life
  • useful resources that you can save to your phone, share on social media or download and print out.