Quiz: How to choose the right mental health training for employees

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Louise Fernand
Publish Date:
20 Sep 2023
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Are you looking for mental health training for your organisation, but aren’t sure which courses to choose?

If so, we can help. Simply click the link below to launch our short quiz on how to choose the right Mental Health at Work training course for your needs. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll get an instant course recommendation tailored to both your focus and your learners.


How our Mental health at work training quiz works

The quiz takes into account your needs and priorities for mental health training.

It will recommend a training course based on whether you need training for:

  • People working in teams or individually.
  • Employees working in call centres.
  • Managers, leaders or other employees.

It also considers what focus you want the training to have:

  • Stress awareness.
  • Stress management.
  • Mental health awareness.
  • Wellbeing support.


Which courses can the quiz recommend?

The quiz will recommend one of six mental health courses offered by British Red Cross Training. All of the courses are available as virtual, face-to-face and online learning sessions.

The courses are:

1. Wellbeing Support at Work

The Wellbeing support at work course empowers both individuals and teams by giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to offer effective support to others, all while prioritising their own wellbeing. Learners acquire valuable skills that enable them to develop personal resilience and effectively recover from stressful, upsetting, or challenging situations.

By improving communication and motivation, workers are better able to navigate work-related difficulties more successfully. They also acquire practical techniques that can be readily applied in their everyday lives.


2. Stress Awareness at Work

This Stress awareness at work course is designed for individuals and teams seeking to enhance their understanding of stress, strengthen their stress management capabilities and improve their overall wellbeing – both at work and in their personal lives.

This training is particularly beneficial for people in high-stress work environments, individuals experiencing ongoing stress and anyone interested in acquiring effective stress management techniques and tools. By developing skills such as resilience and self-awareness, this course aims to reduce stress-related absenteeism and enable learners to successfully navigate challenging and stressful situations.

3. Building Team Resilience

The Building team resilience course is specifically for leaders, managers, and teams aiming to enhance their understanding of stress and build resilience to minimise its effects. It fosters transparent communication and helps people create a nurturing atmosphere in the workplace.

The course offers an array of valuable tools and strategies to enhance a team's ability to endure and bounce back from challenges. These include stress management techniques, cultivating a positive mindset, using self-care practices, improving communication skills and adopting effective problem-solving approaches.


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Our Mental health at work training empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to nurture their wellbeing, enhance resilience, manage stress and cultivate healthier relationships, leading to a happier team

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4. Mental Health Awareness for Managers

The Mental health awareness for managers course has been specifically created to aid leaders, managers and supervisors to help people in challenging circumstances. It equips participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to identify signs of mental health issues, provide support to individuals and lead a resilient team.

This course includes discussions on stressors, guiding managers in developing strategies for fostering supportive relationships, and putting in place stress management policies. It focuses on the positive benefits of trust, efficient teamwork, conflict resolution and a supportive work environment.


5. Stress Management at Work

The Stress management at work course is designed for individuals and teams needing to assist others in stressful or difficult circumstances. Participants gain knowledge about stress, enhance their stress management skills and learn how to optimise their wellbeing in the workplace. They also learn how to support and handle stress within their team.

This course is especially beneficial for people in high-stress work environments, individuals who need to deal with persistent stress in themselves or others and those who want to learn effective stress management techniques. The training equips learners with proactive strategies and tools to reduce the impact of stress, as well as giving them reactive approaches for challenging situations.

6. Dealing with Distressed Callers

Engaging with distressed callers can put call handlers in daunting and stressful situations, subjecting them to profound emotions. Regularly handling such calls can lead to emotional exhaustion, compassion fatigue and increased stress levels for call handlers.

The online Dealing with distressed Callers course is designed to enhance the communication skills, emotional resilience, de-escalation techniques, empathy, and overall confidence of call centre staff or volunteers. By equipping them with these skills, the course aims to create more positive experiences for both callers and staff, improving customer satisfaction while reducing the impact on the well-being of staff and volunteers. This course specifically focuses on telephone helpline training for individuals working for support lines, insurance companies or services where a caller’s expectations may not always be met.


What makes our Mental health training different

Maintaining employee wellbeing requires a holistic approach.

This is why our Mental health at work courses give employers and employees the skills and insight to look after their mental health, improve their resilience and develop productive and respectful relationships.

All of our training is designed to develop skills to support individuals both during and after emotionally challenging situations, helping them to return to positive mental wellbeing. It is built on the internationally recognised CALMER framework and is designed to prevent stress leading to major problems. As a result, employers benefit from more highly engaged employees, increased staff productivity and retention, plus lower absence and related costs.

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