3 key benefits of a blended paediatric first aid course

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Alice Squires
Publish Date:
28 Nov 2022
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Whether you run your own business or work in a busy, educational environment, finding the time to commit to in-person first aid learning can be near impossible.

For this reason, we’re really pleased to be able to offer blended paediatric first aid courses.


1. Blended learning has all the benefits of face-to-face learning and more!

There’s a bit of a misconception that, somehow, blended learning isn’t quite as comprehensive as in-person - this just isn’t true.

Some people may prefer the practical aspect of an entirely face-to-face course, while others may have a learning style that greatly benefits from a mix of media, such as audio, video, and text in a collaborative and interactive way.

Blended learning is a great way of combining the benefits of both styles of learning, all while achieving the same qualification and certificate recognised by the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.


2. Blended learning is flexible and convenient

The childcare profession can sometimes leave little time to spend on external training courses.

With this in mind, the blended paediatric first aid course we offer allows learners to complete the first half of the course online, anytime in the two weeks before the face-to-face, practical part of the course.


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3. Blended courses and face-to-face courses are of equal value

Whether you choose to complete the Paediatric first aid (PFA) certification in a classroom-based setting or as a flexible blended option, the qualification achieved at the end of the course remains the same.

Both in-person and blended learning are accepted by the EYFS framework, and we offer both.


Is the British Red Cross Training’s blended PFA course right for you?

We’ve helped nurseries, childminders, nannies, and other childcare providers with EYFS-compliant training for over 30 years.

Everyone has a different learning style, which is why we use engaging, interactive, and learner-centred methodologies. This approach helps us to teach in a way that suits each individual learner on our course.

By tailoring the route to the participant’s preferred method of learning, the highest standard of teaching is achieved.


Find out everything you need to know about Paediatric first aid training courses; your responsibilities what course are available to childcare provides, and more.

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