Buy or hire an automated external defibrillator (AED)

Buy or hire an AED

We offer a range of AEDs to buy or hire, giving you peace of mind that you're doing all you can to keep people safe in your workplace.

30,000 people have a cardiac arrest outside hospital each year and quick use of an AED (combined with CPR) gives an unresponsive person who isn't breathing the best possible chance of survival*.

To decide how many AEDs you need, consider the size and age of your workforce and the nature of your working environment.

AEDs to buy

Make / Model Price
HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 500P From £1298
HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 360P From £998
HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 350P From £998
Philips HeartStart HS1 From £1107
Philips HeartStart FRx From £1514


AEDs to hire

Make / Model Price
Philips HeartStart HS1 From £29.95 a month
Philips HeartStart FRx From £39.95 a month


Why buy or hire an AED from the Red Cross?

We can help you plan and manage your AED investment to suit your budget, without compromising on quality.

We also offer courses on how to use an AED machine, which we recommend for anyone who has an AED in their workplace.

These courses are available at the following venues and can also be delivered at your workplace.

  • London
  • Reading
  • Salford
  • Douglas (Isle of Man)
  • Belfast
  • Edinburgh.

For more information, please call 0344 871 8000 or email

* Sources: British Heart Foundation (30,000 people have a cardiac arrest outside hospital each year) and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2015 – Section 2 (use of an AED within 3–5 minutes of collapse, combined with chest compressions, can lead to survival rates of 50 to 70 per cent).