World First Aid Day: Refresh your skills

First Aid Training Course

World First Aid Day is on 14 September, and is the perfect time for you and your colleagues to learn some simple first aid skills. This year, we’re calling on the nation to learn some first aid, as simple actions can save lives.

If someone is injured or becomes suddenly ill at work, there is no greater act of human kindness, than a person with the skills and confidence to step in and provide first aid support. And there’s a multitude of ways you can learn or refresh your skills:

  1. Download our first aid app
  2. Visit our Safe Hands
  3. Book a first aid at work course


  1. Download our first aid app

Our free first aid app for Apple and Android devices can help you prepare for your course, and help you keep your skills fresh in your mind (and your pocket) afterwards. With our app you can enjoy:

  • fast and easy to access, with no internet connection required
  • step-by-step advice and videos on everyday first aid scenarios
  • interactive quizzes
  • tips on how to prepare for emergencies.

Download the app


  1. Visit our Safe Hands website

Our first aid support and advice continues, even when your course ends. Safe Hands is a free online community for anyone who has completed a Red Cross workplace first aid course. As well as a monthly newsletter, Safe Hands members can get access to a range of benefits to help to keep your first aid skills fresh, including:

  • first aid tips, myth, true stories and quizzes
  • legislation updates
  • videos of key first aid techniques.

Visit Safe Hands


3. Book a first aid at work course

Our first aid courses are backed by word-class research and a commitment to quality and we pride ourselves on delivering a practical, enjoyable learning experience.

Why not refresh your skills by booking a workplace first aid course today, or calling 0344 871 8000.

*Please note that the first aid skills pack does not qualify learners to act as workplace first aiders. If your needs assessment identifies a requirement for a trained first aider, the person must complete a workplace first aid course.