Barry's story: "Everyone can benefit from learning first aid"

Barry Jones

Barry Jones was out shopping with his friends when he noticed a woman lying on the floor outside one of the shops.

“I noticed there was a woman lying on the floor outside a shop across the road. She began making sudden, jerky movements and was hitting her head on the floor.” Barry explained.

He suspected the woman was having a seizure. Recalling advice from his first aid course, he remembered that he needed to prevent the woman from injuring herself, so he took off his coat and put it under her head to protect it from the floor.

“I asked the shopper to call an ambulance’’

Shortly afterwards a security guard and another shopper came over, “I asked the shopper to call an ambulance, as I couldn’t see if she was wearing a medi alert bracelet (medical identification bracelet), I wasn’t sure if the woman had a history of seizures and she appeared to be by herself.’’ Barry added.

Once the seizure had stopped, he checked to see if the woman was breathing, which she was, so he helped her rest on her side and tilted her head back.

“People then began to gather round so I asked them to move on. After about five minutes the woman started to come round very slowly, but she appeared to be dazed and didn’t know where she was. I stayed with her and reassured her until the ambulance came.’’ Barry said.

“Remembering what I had learnt gave me confidence when it mattered’’

“After the ambulance left, I felt quite overwhelmed and had to take a couple of minutes to get my thoughts together. I don't know how I stayed calm, I always thought I’d panic in a real first aid situation. Remembering what I had learnt gave me confidence and helped me remain focused when it mattered.’’

Barry believes that everyone can benefit from learning first aid.

“I would definitely recommend learning first aid. The course was fantastic and the trainer was approachable and engaging and made everything really interesting. It was obvious that they had a high level of knowledge on many first aid and medical subjects. The course was hands-on and fun at the same time; I’ve never been on a course like it. I think everybody should learn first aid as it's something that benefits everyone.’’ Barry said.