What Mumsnetters said about our first aid for baby and child course


We invited Mumsnetters* to take our first aid for baby and child course and share their honest opinions, shown below. On a scale of 1–5 (where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent) they rated us:

  • 4.9 for the overall learning experience
  • 4.8 for how confident they felt after completing the course
  • 4.6 for value for money.

Why not find out for yourself and learn first aid for baby and child with the British Red Cross – you can book online or call 0844 412 2808 (view call charges) to speak to one of our dedicated advisers.

On how they learned essential first aid skills

"Although you could read everything on the app and watch the videos for free, I think doing it in a class environment really makes you take it all in."

"You have hands-on experience trying out the first aid on dolls, rather than just sitting and listening like some courses."

"I was worried that it would be information overload but the course was very practical and interactive – the instructor asked us lots of questions about what we would do in certain situations and filled in the gaps, this really helped everything to sink in."

"It was presented in a simpler way than the previous course I have been on – and that is good because the last thing you want to be doing in an emergency is racking your brains trying to remember how to tie a reef knot and other things that really don't matter."

On how our trainers brought first aid to life

"We learnt so much vital first aid, put across in simple, uncomplicated terms by our marvellous trainer. [She] was professional but approachable, funny and more than happy to answer any extra questions we all had."

"The trainer quickly put everyone at their ease and took any embarrassment out of practising on each other and on the dolls."

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable and had real life examples from her own kids and her work in the ambulance service. This really brought it to life for me."

"Our trainer was fantastic at delivering the content and her extensive knowledge in a really fun and engaging way." 

"Our instructor was amazing – she kept it simple, light-hearted and interesting. She answered lots of questions and gave tips that I wouldn't have thought of."

On value for money

"I thought it was really good value for money. In an emergency I'd imagine you'd give your house to be able to save your child, it is really a modest cost to equip yourself with the skills needed." 

"I think this is cheap compared to non-essential baby things you are encouraged to buy and do that are much more expensive than this, as I'd say this is essential!" 

"Having attended the course I think it is excellent value for money – who wouldn't spend that to save their baby or child’s life?

"I think the full price for the course is an absolute bargain. A cliché I know, but you really can't put a price on saving your child's (or any other child's) life. Absolutely invaluable." 

"I would definitely say the course was worth the money. The time and effort put in by the instructors, along with the knowledge we left with, was well worth the cost."

"I would specifically recommend this course to any parents, parents to be or carers of small children – seriously, just book it!"

"I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has regular contact with children. I have been wittering on to anyone who will listen about how brilliant it was."

* In 2014, we invited 20 Mumsnetters to attend a free first aid for baby and child course, normally £45 or £60 inside the M25, and share their honest feedback on this Mumsnet thread. As a thank you for taking part, those who left their feedback also received a copy of Baby and Child First Aid Fast and a compact travel first aid kit.

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