Learning at Work Week 2018: 14 - 20 May

Kindness comes in many forms. Many simple acts of kindness come together to make a big difference to people in crisis. That’s why we connect people who’ve got kindness to share, with those who need it most.

Find out just how powerful a thing your kindness can be, by learning the skills to help save someone’s life at this year's Learning at Work Week.

Learning at Work Week 2018 takes place between 14 and 20 May. This year, we’re encouraging organisations to give their employees the opportunity to learn first aid during the working week. Learning first aid provides the skills and confidence to help someone following an accident or sudden illness.

We’ve made first aid easy to learn and simple to remember. As an organisation you need to comply with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 which govern the provision of first aiders required by a business. This initiative looks for organisations to go beyond the legal requirements for first aid and allow more employees to learn basic first aid skills in a variety of different ways so they can use their skills at home or in the community*. Simply download our first aid pack which details the range of ways you and your employees can learn first aid.

First aid isn't just for the workplace

First aid doesn’t have to be complicated, you can learn via a few different methods:

  • Book a course - if you prefer to learn through hands-on learning we offer a range of first aid courses for people over the age of 16 who want to learn first aid for their everyday life.
  • First aid apps – download our apps which are packed with useful videos, animations and tips. Each skill only takes a few minutes to learn.
  • Online annual refresher course - request an e-learning licence and learn online in your own time, at work or at home.

Why not organise a first aid training day at your workplace? Our first aid pack is crammed full of information on how to run your own first aid day, complete with quizzes, posters and step by step first aid skill guides.

Download our first aid pack

*This does not qualify the learner as a first aider in the workplace. If your needs assessment identifies a requirement for a trained first aider, the individual must complete a workplace first aid course.

Book a first aid course

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