Amanda’s story: “I know first aid, I can help”

Amanda Moss

When someone collapsed on her bus journey home, Amanda Moss remembered what she'd learned on her first aid course and overcame her nerves to step in and help a stranger.

Stepping in to help someone: "I've got to do it"

Amanda was travelling home on the bus when a man came running down the stairs, shouting that there was someone who needed help.

She initially froze, as it was the first time she had been faced with a situation like this, but she knew she had to step forward.

Amanda said: "The bus was full and nobody was getting up to help, so I thought 'I’ve got to do it', even though I was nervous."

As she went upstairs, Amanda found a man collapsed on the floor. Someone was already on the phone to the emergency services and another passenger was trying to help the man, whose name was Andrew.

"As soon as I reached the top of the stairs, I said to myself 'this is really happening', she said. "I told the other passengers, 'I'm Amanda, I know first aid, I can help'."

She continued: "I felt adrenaline take over and I remembered what I had learned. I moved behind Andrew so I that I could reach his head and I tilted it back to check if he was breathing (which he wasn't), then I told the two passengers that we need to give chest compressions by pushing firmly in the centre of his chest."

The other passenger, who had been trying to help Andrew, was unsure what to do so Amanda started to give chest compressions. Once the paramedics arrived, they thanked Amanda for her help and took over.

As she made her way back to the bottom of the bus, people started to clap. She said, "It hit me what had just happened and I felt very emotional. It was amazing that I was able to help."

"Everything came back"

Despite her nerves, Amanda had the confidence to act in an emergency because she remembered what she'd learned on her first aid course.

She said: "I never thought I would find myself in that kind of situation. You just don’t know when you will be required to use your first aid skills.

"I realised that I had learned a lot more on the first aid course than I thought; everything came back. I don’t want to forget anything – I want to keep my skills fresh as it’s not every day you use them."

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