National Heart Month: Tim's story

Tim and Tony

It's National Heart Month, so we're sharing Tim's story of how he helped a colleague who had a heart attack.

Tim Connor is a first aider at the tea company he works for and was asked to check on Tony Wong, who was feeling unwell, breathing rapidly and complaining of chest pains.

Thanks to his first aid training, Tim knew what to do – so he:

  • got someone to call 999 and find an AED (in case Tony became unresponsive and stopped breathing)
  • made sure that Tony continued to sit in a comfortable position
  • monitored and reassured Tony until the ambulance arrived.

Tim's quick actions saved Tony's life – Tony needed emergency heart surgery, from which he has now fully recovered.

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Could you help a colleague who needed first aid? 

Since learning first aid with the British Red Cross, Tim's helped people both at work and in his everyday life.

workplace first aidOur first aid courses give you the skills and confidence to respond to a range of first aid emergencies you could encounter, including helping someone who is:

  • having a heart attack
  • having an angina attack
  • unresponsive and not breathing (including the use of an AED).

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