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Aviva and the British Red Cross at the British Insurance Awards

One of our corporate partners, Aviva, was recently recognised for their commitment to customer care – and we were invited to celebrate with them as we've been helping them to provide a better service to customers who've experienced a crisis.... more

A construction worker drinking a sports drink

The great British summer doesn't often bring hot temperatures, but when the sun does make an appearance, people may find themselves in hot working conditions – which can lead to heat exhaustion.... more

Amanda Moss

When someone collapsed on her bus journey home, Amanda Moss remembered what she'd learned on her first aid course and overcame her nerves to step in and help a stranger.... more

Elizabeth Warren

After Elizabeth Warren completed a first aid course, it didn't take long before she had to put her skills into practice in a real-life emergency - when her colleague started choking during a team lunch at a restaurant.... more

Robbie McLellan

You never know when or where you might need to use first aid to help someone, as Robbie McLellan found out when his colleague and friend Terry collapsed on the oil rig where they both work. Fortunately, Robbie had previously done a first aid course – which meant he had the skills and confidence to help.... more

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