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People learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

25 February is Employee Motivation Day, an annual event created to inspire passion and appreciation across the UK's workforce.25 FebruaryIt's an ideal time for employers to engage and inspire their teams by giving them t... more

Tim and Tony

It's National Heart Month, so we're sharing Tim's story of how he helped a colleague who had a heart attack.Tim's story of how he helped a colleague who had a heart attackTim Connor is a first aider at the tea company he works for... more

A man holding up a British Red Cross #learnandshare pledge board, which says 'I can save a life, so can you'

At the beginning of the year, the British Red Cross launched a new campaign asking people to make a pledge – to learn and share first aid skills that could help save a life.learn and share first aid skillsWe trained ove... more

British Red Cross first aid gift cards

Looking for a gift idea with a difference?Looking for a gift idea with a difference?This Christmas, give the gifts of confidence and peace of mind with a British Red Cross first aid gift card.first aid gift cardStarting from ... more

A man in a warehouse has fallen from a ladder

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the cost of workplace related injuries to UK businesses in 2015/16 was:cost of workplace related injuries £14.1 billion (-1 per cent on 2014/15) 30.4 million w... more

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