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Stress and Mental Health at Work

Stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace are all too common. A mental wellbeing and resilience course can help equip staff to spot and address work-related stress.... more

Heatwave First Aid Tips for the Hot Weather

Read our essential heatwave first aid guide and enjoy a safe summer. Including first aid tips for burns, plus signs of dehydration and heat stroke.... more

A construction worker drinking a sports drink

Working in hot conditions can lead to heat exhaustion, learn how to recognise and give first aid for heat exhaustion.... more

We’re moving from our existing training venue in Euston, to our new, purpose built and equipped facilities in Central London from June.... more

barry jones first aid

Barry Jones was shopping with his friends when he noticed a woman having a seizure. Barry recalled his first aid training and prevented the woman from injuring herself by taking off his coat and putting it underneath her head.... more

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