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Robbie McLellan

You never know when or where you might need to use first aid to help someone, as Robbie McLellan found out when his colleague and friend Terry collapsed on the oil rig where they both work. Fortunately, Robbie had previously done a first aid course – which meant he had the skills and confidence to help.... more

Dave and Wendy Cox

You never know when you might need life-saving skills, as Dave Cox found out when he was faced with a motorway accident on his way home. Thanks to his first aid training, he was able to step in and help by calling the emergency services, checking for injuries and reassuring the passengers.... more

The first aid online learning website shown on a laptop screen

We've launched a new online version of our first aid annual skills update course. It's ideal for workplace first aiders who want to refresh their skills between completing their course and requalifying three years later.... more

Due to the timing of Easter this year, people who book just nine days annual leave from 18–28 April can enjoy 18 consecutive days off work. A lot can happen in 18 days – what if there's an emergency and your usual first aider is away? Make sure you have consistent cover over the Easter period with our top tips to manage staff absence.... more

From left: George Gleghorn, Leanne Nancarrow, Maureen Gleghorn and Katie Jones. Photo credit Martin Elvery.

Thanks to her British Red Cross first aid training, Katie Jones knew what to do when one of her regular customers collapsed in the bingo club she works at; she gave chest compressions and rescue breaths until the emergency services arrived.... more

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