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10 May 2019

Lone Worker First Aid for Heart Attacks

Help raise awareness of heart disease and good heart health in the workplace. Explore our useful first aid advice, real life case studies and more.... more

A construction worker drinking a sports drink

Working in hot conditions can lead to heat exhaustion, learn how to recognise and give first aid for heat exhaustion.... more

Mental Wellbeing at Work Courses

According to a recent stress report of UK workforce, 4 in 5 people* believe stress has now become a ‘way of life’.... more

Learning at Work Week

Kindness comes in many forms. And lots of simple acts of kindness come together to make a big difference to people in crisis. That’s why we connect people who’ve got kindness to share, with those who need it most.... more

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience Courses at Red Cross Training

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from the 13 to 19 May and is a chance to raise awareness of mental wellbeing in the workplace.... more

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