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We love to hear from people who have used their first aid knowledge to help someone else, whether it’s a colleague, a friend, a family member or even a stranger.

We find that sharing real stories is a powerful way of encouraging other people to learn first aid and help ensure that everyone gets the help they need in a crisis.

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Since training with us, these first aiders have all put their skills into practice and helped someone in an emergency situation. Their stories are a reminder of the importance of learning first aid.

Barry’s story

First Aid Case Study: Barry Jones

Barry Jones was out shopping when he noticed a woman lying on the floor.

She suddenly began to make sharp, jerky movements, hitting her head on the floor in the process. When Barry saw this he immediately suspected the woman was having a seizure.

Remembering advice from his first aid course, Barry knew that he needed to prevent the woman from injuring herself, so he took off his coat and put it under her head to protect it from the floor.

Once the seizure had stopped, he checked to see if the woman was breathing. When he saw that she was breathing, Barry helped the woman onto her side, titled her head back and stayed to reassure her until the ambulance arrived. 

“Remembering what I had learnt gave me confidence and helped me remain focused when it mattered. I would definitely recommend learning first aid”

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Gemma’s story

First Aid Case Study: Gemma and Rob

Gemma Sowter performed CPR on her grandad after he collapsed at Christmas.

Gemma's grandparents had come round to drop some presents off for her children, when her grandfather popped to the bathroom.

“A couple of minutes later there was a loud bang” Gemma described. Gemma’s husband managed to open the bathroom door from the outside and Gemma found her grandad inside, collapsed against the bathroom wall.

“Grandad was unresponsive and when I checked, I realised that I couldn't see or feel him breathing. I told my husband to call 999 for an ambulance straight away.”

“I spoke to the 999 call handler on the phone. I was starting to panic a little bit myself at this point and I wanted somebody to tell me the correct rate for the compressions so I could concentrate on pushing firmly down on his chest."

The paramedics praised Gemma, explaining that it was thanks to her quick thinking and giving chest compressions so quickly that her grandad was alive. He was taken to hospital and after surgery, made a full recovery.

Katie’s Story

Katie's Story - First Aid at the Bingo

Katie knew what to do when Maureen collapsed in the bingo club during her shift. Doing her best to remain calm she asked her colleague to call for an ambulance.

“As Maureen was unresponsive and not breathing I remembered from my first aid course that I needed to give her chest compressions,” Katie explained.

Shortly after, the emergency services arrived and took over.

Maureen was transferred to hospital where she underwent surgery. She returned home soon after and has since made a full recovery.

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We’d love for you to share your own first aid stories with us. Simply send an email with your name, telephone number and couple of lines about your story to

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