First aid for the public

We offer public first aid courses covering life saving skills that are suitable for everyone. We offer a simplified way of learning basic first aid skills and a range of certificated courses to treat adults. We also offer first aid courses designed to treat babies and children of 0-puberty.


First aid to suit you

Some groups - such as special interest groups, people with learning difficulties, youth and school groups (those up to 18 years of age) - may benefit from a more tailored and personal approach.  That's why the Red Cross have also designed first aid learning opportunities specifically for you.


Choosing the right course

Courses range from two hours to seven hours depending on the number of first aid topics covered. You don’t need to have any previous first aid knowledge or experience as our public courses include lots of practical exercises to give you confidence in dealing with a real life emergency. Our friendly, experienced trainers will teach you easy to learn first aid skills, and explain how and why they work. If you’re not sure of the course you need why not use the simple course calculator.


Learn online

Red Cross Training staff member looking at their computerIf you are unable to attend a face to face course, Everyday First Aid online from the British Red Cross is a free e-learning website which enables you to learn basic first aid skills at your own pace and in a variety of ways. It features real people in real-life scenarios and allows you to learn skills through watching videos and written text, with additional information in question-and-answer sections. There’s even a quiz to test your knowledge, after which you can download and print a certificate as a record of your learning.


Venues and group bookings

Our public first aid training courses are scheduled in hundreds of training locations throughout the UK. Group bookings are available on all of our general public courses. This can be a cost effective and fun way to learn first aid.


HSE accredited courses

General public courses are not suitable for those needing a work place HSE accredited course. If you require a first aid at work (FAW) certificate to comply with HSE requirements please visit our first aid at work section.


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First aid to suit you

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Some people may benefit from a more personal touch. Those we regularly train include people with disabilities, sports groups, youth and schools groups. For bespoke workplace courses call 0844 871 8000. For tailored public first aid courses contact your local area.