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Close-up of a bee on a flower

Warmer weather brings stings

26 June 2014

As we approach the summer months and offices become warmer it’s nice to open the windows and feel the breeze – some of you may even have the luxury of being able to work outside. With the warmer weather attracting more bees and wasps, st... (continued)

Two young children sit on the side of a swimming pool

Sun awareness for babies and children

02 May 2014

You may be going away on holiday or enjoying a hopefully sun filled bank holiday weekend in the UK - whatever you’re doing, make sure your little ones stay safe in the sun.Sunny day checklist High sun protection factor sunscreen Plenty of drinking wa... (continued)

A close up of a woman's face where her eyes and lips are drooping

Action on Stroke Month

01 May 2014

Every year around 152,000 people suffer from a stroke in the UK and it’s the third largest cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. Would you recognise the symptoms if a work colleague suffered a stroke?Strokes are caused by a disruption in th... (continued)

A man in an office is on the phone, with his head in his hands

UK workers most stressed in Europe

01 May 2014

Research by suggests British workers suffer more stress and feel less able to deal with their workloads than those in mainland Europe. The least stressed are the French and the Dutch, with 64 per cent of employees reporting that they fe... (continued)

Delegates practicing what to do in case of a seizure

Epilepsy awareness

20 March 2014

Although reasons vary, the most common cause of seizure among adults is epilepsy.Seizures can be sudden, dramatic and upsetting to watch.Care should be taken to protect the casualty from harm. The steps below show how to recognise a seizure and how t... (continued)

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