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A construction worker checks for a response from his colleague, who has had an accident

A report by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has identified that micro and small enterprises* (MSEs) are most at risk of workplace accidents and illnesses, in comparison with larger organisations. micro ... more

Two men in a warehouse, one of whom has had an accident

According to the annual Health and Safety Executive (HSE) workplace fatality statistics report, fatality rates are slightly increasing. fatality rates are slightly increasingThe report found that there were 144 workplace fatalitie... more

People on a paediatric first aid course

It's Child Safety Week from 6 – 12 June 2016, raising awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.Child Safety WeekTo mark the occasion, we're discussing proposed new legislation which would ... more

Delegates on a first aid course

16 – 22 May 2016 is Learning at Work Week, an annual event that highlights the importance of learning and development in the workplace.16 – 22 May 2016 is Learning at Work WeekTo celebrate Learning at Work Week, why no... more

People on a first aid course practice giving chest compressions (CPR)

New guidelines were released by the European Resuscitation Council in October 2015; since then we've been making relevant changes to our courses and materials to ensure we adopt the latest scientific research. October 2015The guid... more

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