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New customers who book and attend a first aid at work, first aid at work requalification, or emergency first aid at work course between 1 November and 22 December 2015 will be entered into a prize draw to win an automated external defibrillator (AED) worth £999 (terms and conditions apply).

Choosing a first aider

Becoming a first aider is more than just fulfilling a legal requirement. It means learning a fundamental human skill that could make the difference in saving someone's life.

Being a first aider can be hugely rewarding; the majority of our trainees say they feel more confident in their role at work and believe it has added to their personal development.


Before choosing or becoming a first aider, it is worth considering:

  • is this something the candidate can enjoy and be passionate about?
  • are they a good communicator and do they enjoy interacting with others?
  • do they have the confidence and reliability to cope with an emergency?

Serious occurrences where critical first aid training is needed are rare, but they do happen. A first aider has to be prepared to manage the situation at hand. You can read more about some typical, real-life scenarios in our first aid true stories section.

A lot of our first aiders enjoy learning first aid, so much they go onto to become first aid volunteers for the British Red Cross, enhancing their skills at public events like exhibitions and concerts.


If you need first aiders in the workplace, location is also an important factor. Ask yourself:

  • is the employee readily available?
  • is the employee often away at meetings or on business?
  • is the employee easy to find in a crisis?

If your organisation is spread out over a large area or has multiple sites, you will need people with first aid training located at strategic distances to ensure they can get to an incident quickly.

If you have shift workers or people working out of hours (for example, cleaners) you will need to ensure that there is cover whenever people are in the workplace. Don’t forget to factor in holiday cover, too. 

If you have a mobile workforce, each member of staff should ideally have some basic first aid training.

You can book a course online or you can call us on 0844 871 8000.

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