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Everyday First Aid

Who is it for?

Suitable for people 18 years and over, this course is for anyone wanting a flexible and informal first aid session making skills simple to do and easy to remember. Using relevant, real-life scenarios and everyday household objects. This course does not qualify you as a first aider in the workplace under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.


2 hours


AM or PM

Course content includes:

Helping someone who:

  • is having a heart attack
  • is choking
  • is unconscious and breathing
  • is bleeding
  • has a burn or scald
  • is having a stroke
  • has a broken bone


This course is not formally assessed. Participants will receive a certificate where they can record the skills they have learnt.


No previous knowledge of first aid needed. Participants are encouraged to discuss any particular learning needs beforehand.


This flexible short course uses everyday scenarios to build the confidence and skills needed to help others in common first aid emergencies. It covers seven to 14 first aid skills and can be adapted to respond to participants' needs and/or questions.

For more information on this course please call 0844 412 2808.

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